Sunday, September 13, 2015

Classroom Handprint Alphabet

I think it is so important for students to take ownership of their learning environment.  I want the students to feel at home in our classroom and feel like it is their room.  This year, I had the students create our alphabet chart so it was THEIR alphabet chart using their handprints.  
 Students were so excited about this activity.  Each student was able to create a letter so it became their letter.  I added the little details that were finishing touches to each of the letters.

It was such a fun project to complete! The students were so happy to see their handprints hung on the wall and it made them so excited about our alphabet chart since it was created by them.  
They enjoyed it so much, thay I also created a class handprint alphabet book for our classroom libraryIs is such a great way to get students interested in learning the letters of the alphabet.  

This can also be made into students handprint alphabet books.
You can check out this product in my TPT store by clicking on the image below.  Included are directions and examples to make each of the letters, the letter and the word for each letter as well as a template for an alphabet book. For the posters, all consonants are in blue and vowels in red to help students learn to identify vowels. It is an editable product so if you have a different picture that you wish to use for one of the pictures, you will be able to!
I also made little flashcards to match the handprint pictures.  They can be used to help students learn letter names and letter sounds and also learn the vocabulary of the pictures.   You can download the flashcards for free by clicking on the image below.  
Alphabet flashcards FREEBIE


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  2. The flashcards are lovely, thanks for sharing!!!

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